The Art of Ballooning

Riddarfjarden "Nobelman's Bay", is the eastern part of Lake Malaren.
The perfectly clean water reaches the Old Town of Stockholm, an island with the
Royal Palace and busy shopping streets. The bay carries small boats and
steamer traffic and is also used for annual, international speedboat competitions.

A close up of one of the sculptor Peter Hellbom's human heads. A special shape
that made it's maiden flight in Château de Balleroy in 1985 with Peter Anderson
behind the burner and Peter Hellbom as the entusiastic passenger.

How fasinating the schadows are during sunset in the Alps.

Cold steel offers another kind of beauty than the shapes and colours,
and shifting views, connected with balloon voyages.
A perfectly polished burner adds to the grace of it all.

Gas balloons - strict, spheric, dignified.

A bungy jump from 5 000 metres in Are, northwest Sweden, an added attraction
during the 1993 World Cup week for the international elite of alpine skiers.

Early days, early technique. A lot has happened since 1969,
when this was taken, from burners to fashion.
But the sky remains the same. With its endless variations.

A beer can passing by the Town Hall in the center of Stockholm.

A fly in for short intermediate on one of the many lakes in the middle of Stockholm.

The Smurf is having a squint over the French roof tops.

© 1995 Peter Anderson & Torleif Svensson.