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Aerostat February 1996

"I have to say that I am not usually a great fan of the so called coffee-table book. All those acres of glossy coloured pictures usually leave me cold. But this new book has to be the exception that proves the rule. (Whatever that means?)

The Art of Ballooning by Peter Anderson and Torleif Svensson is, of course, a coffee-table book but by treating the subject of ballooning in so many new ways it is also a work of art.

Where to begin? The 164 pages contain over 240 colour photographs which capture the essence and many moods of ballooning - from the familiar brightly coloured mass ascents to more muted reflective occasions - often from wholly new perspectives. If you enjoyed the cover of the last Aerostat you will see what I mean. As for the settings, they range from different European locations to the savannas of Kenya, the flats of New Mexico and the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

I found the section entitled Aquarelles which featured some very unusual emulsion transfer prints on papers and fabrics especially original and here their work transcends the normal expectations of photography and takes it into the realm of painting.

Both men are balloonists and both are professional photographers, and their passion is seen through a critical eye and captured with great skill.

It's a beautiful book. I can't recommend it highly enough."

John Christopher
Editor, Aerostat
(The Journal of the British Balloon & Airship Club)

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